The Road!

The Road! Life is like a road. With every step there is a new twist and turn. Winding lanes, blind curves and exciting rendezvous. Changing landscapes and faces all through the journey. Some, you leave behind, some leave you, behind and some stay. With the wind on your face, your heart and senses full, the … Continue reading The Road!


Save the date (or not)

Arranged marriage is in a way similar to finding a job. Let’s say on one hand we have finding a job and on the other hand arranged marriage (AM). Job: You prepare your resume. AM: You prepare your bio-data. Job: You post it in Naukri. AM: You post it in the matrimonial websites. Job: You … Continue reading Save the date (or not)

A weekend in Lonavala…

Intricately carved caves in the mountains, a fort that stood the test of time, lakes, mountains shrouded with fog and just the enormity and the beauty of the landscapes filled me with a sense of wonder by the day and cozying up in the German Bakery having luscious, rich, heavenly Corn and Broccoli Chowder in … Continue reading A weekend in Lonavala…